Short Story: The Lottery Ticket

The Lottery Ticket

On a dark and stormy night, a girl named Sari sat alone on the beach. The power company had just cut her electricity and she could not bear to stay in a large dark house by herself.

Sari shivered as the rain fell. She was wearing her father’s old coat that he used to wear when he went out fishing. She put her hands in the pockets to keep them warm. In the right pocket, her hand felt a crushed up piece of paper. When she opened it she realized that it was a lottery ticket for the Euromillions lottery.

She was very surprised to find a lottery ticket in the pocket. She never knew her father played lotto. She figured it should come as no surprise because her parents were struggling to pay the bills before they died.

Now that they were gone they left her the burden of paying off their debts and maintaining the house. Sari had tried her best to make the monthly payments on her parents’ loan and credit card bills, and she also tried to pay the utility bills, but it was all too much. One by one something was cut as soon as she stopped paying. First, it was the gas, then the water, next, the telephone, and lastly the electricity.

Sari was filled with such hopelessness that she sat on the beach wondering what she was going to do.

Holding the lottery ticket in her hand, Sari was suddenly filled with hope. Could she possibly be holding the winning ticket to the Euromillions lottery? Could this be the answer to her prayers?

Sari took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Her heart had started beating rapidly and she tried to calm herself down. She did not want to get excited and then find out later that the lottery ticket was worthless.

She took out her smartphone, the only thing she had that was still working, and she looked up the website that was written on the ticket. She checked the date the ticket was purchased and when the results were posted on the website. She compared the numbers on the ticket to those on the website. “Six, fifteen, twenty-seven, ten, three, and eight.”

Sari’s face broke into the biggest smile. Tears of joy wet her cheeks and she started laughing hysterically. Today was her lucky day.

Suddenly, the rain stopped and the sky cleared to reveal the brightest stars Sari had ever seen. She knew at that moment that everything was going to be all right. She walked towards the shoreline and let the warm water cover her bare feet. She looked out at the sea and saw the rays of the sun rising on the horizon. She clutched the lottery ticket in her hand and said confidently to herself, “From now on, everything’s going to be okay.”

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